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Product Category: Home Décor

Afrikiko was founded in 1996 by four young Kenyan and German friends, with the primary objective of promoting new, innovative Kenyan home decor products in the international market. Their sales and marketing team in Berlin, Germany is made up of 5 permanent employees. This team specializes in customer relations management and is the link between the Kenyan team and the customer. Afrikiko has 12 permanently employed members on staff in Nairobi specializing in production and logistics and over 500 producers and suppliers throughout Kenya and around the world. Afrikiko pays its producers on average up to 35% above the prevailing local market prices and grants interest-free loans to producers to improve their workshops and their working environments. The company values long-term partnerships and fair business relations with their producers, customers and suppliers; promotion of the rural development in Kenya; and advancement of social security systems such as health insurance and savings accounts. Afrikiko is a member of KEFAT & WFTO.

Announcements and News Coverage

Afrikiko has participated in major trade shows and events including Mega Show Part 1 in Hong Kong, China and Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany.



Dagmar Schwarz and Muriuki Njeru

Tel +49 (30) 89 50 34 63

Fax +49 (30) 89 50 34 64



Tarcious Njeru:

Valentine Nyawira:

Tel +254 721 851521/722 284120



Warehouse: Afrikiko - Dagmar Schwarz

Sophie-Charlotten Strasse 15

D-14059 Berlin, Germany

Tel +49 (30) 89 50 34 63

Fax +49 (30) 89 50 34 64