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Adele Dejak Limited

Product Categories: Jewelry, Leather


Adèle Dejak brand creates handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman, inspired by African tribes, textiles and cultural elements. In 2005 Adèle Dejak moved to Nairobi, Kenya and turned her attention to accessories design after studying typographic design in England and Italy. The Adele Dejak brand was initiated under the company Magik Grace Art and Design Ltd and is based on an ethical & sustainable business model and aims to empower communities by celebrating local cultures, teaching technical skills and creating employment opportunities. The Adele Dejak has collaborated with Samsung and Salvatore Ferrangamo and has been involved with Vogue Talents Milan. It employs more than 25 individuals from creative designer to beaders, tailors and artisans.

Announcements and Media Coverage

Adele Dejak at the Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery

Adèle Dejak showcases jewellery designs in London



Retail shops:

The Village Market

Nairobi, Kenya

+254 20 7122488

Kiambu Shops

Nairobi, Kenya

+254 737 253862


Velma Khatenje Mulindi, Marketing Manager

Mobile: +254 725 356445

Showroom & Client Relationship Manager

Mobile: +254 737 253862

Business Development Manager

Mobile: +254 738 621 752