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Address bottlenecks stifling flower industry

Published on June 21, 2016

The flower industry supports an estimated two million people through direct and indirect employment and last year earned the country some Sh56 billion in foreign exchange.

Investment into the sector is estimated at more than Sh100 billion. The organiser of the expo, Dick Raamsdonk of HPP Netherlands, said Kenya is in a class of its own in the flower business and that the Nairobi version of the international flower shows is headed to becoming the biggest globally.

Ethiopia naturally comes to mind when competition is mentioned in this industry considering the neighbouring country’s government has taken a deliberate policy to support its flower growers to develop its industry. While Addis Ababa is supporting its growers, our producers are lamenting lack of adequate state propping as seen in the multiple taxes paid to the national and county governments and delays in VAT refunds. Read more. Source | Daily Nation