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Product Category: Leather and Textiles Accessories

Abahizi Dushyigikirane Limited (ADC) is an employee-owned for-profit social enterprise, founded in 2013, that manufactures luxury handbags and jewelry for export to the USA, UK and Asia. ADC’s social business model contributes to the local community development while producing and exporting high-quality accessories. ADC is based in Masoro, Rulindo and has 162 artisans trained in production. As a value chain partner to the global fashion industry they strive to be commercially competitive in the industry and invest in their employees’ well-being. ADC’s main client is Kate Spade & Company (New York) who is helping them meet global business standards to perform well and compete with other suppliers from Asia.


Rulindo District, Rwanda

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Alphonse Nshimiyimana 

Darius Habamenshi

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