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#StarttheSpark: Investing in Emerging Global Entrepreneurs

Published on May 14, 2015

Earlier this week global entrepreneurs gathered for an event at the White House, where President Obama announced several steps to increase support for emerging entrepreneurs around the world.

President Obama said, “We’re here today because we believe in the power of entrepreneurship -- the basic notion that if you’ve got an idea and if you really work hard and you’re able to pick yourself up if you stumble a couple of times, you can eventually turn that idea into a reality.  And this matters to us because encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship can help us to tackle some of the greatest challenges that we face around the world.”

President Obama made clear that investing in women and youth entrepreneurs is a top priority for his Administration’s global entrepreneurship programs.  Today, even as innovation and entrepreneurship spread rapidly around the world, there are many marginalized groups unable to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.  Access to capital, training, and markets, as well as cultural and legal barriers continue to prevent millions from starting their own ventures.  For this reason, the President directed U.S. programs to increase efforts to attract investment for women and young entrepreneurs.  In 2014, the Administration set a goal for its global entrepreneurship programs, led under the umbrella of the U.S. government’s Spark Global Entrepreneurship Initiative, to generate over a billion dollars in private investment for emerging entrepreneurs around the world by the end of 2017.  Half of this goal will be specifically for women and young entrepreneurs.Read more. Source | DIPNOTE (US Department of State Official Blog)