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4G LTE technology proving to be a blessing to African economies

Published on May 10, 2016

African governments have sold around $15bn worth of wireless spectrum since 1998, in three waves of awards covering 2G, 3G and now, 4G frequencies.

The 4G LTE network provides faster internet speed to surf and download content, in making uninterrupted Skype calls. With the recent launch of free video with YouTube at night the 4G LTE significantly enhances the customer experience in video streaming in high definition. 

 Regarded as the best technology in the world’s telecommunication industry with a seamless Internet access, 4G LTE technology is about five times faster than 3G technology and TigoTanzania is extensively working on improving the quality of service and 4G network as the consumer intake is increasing at a very fast pace. Read more. Source | Daily News