The Hub's accomplishments in Uganda to Date:  

  • To date the Hub has supported 116 firms and associations to increase their export competitiveness
  • 17 firms have been supported to participate in various trade shows resulting in 54 business linkages
  • Hub facilitated AGOA exports as at June 30 2017 stood at $346,171
  • Exports to other market destinations as a result of Hub support are $20,200
  • Due to the expanding export opportunities, 378 new full time equivalent (FTE) jobs have been created, 96% of which are for women
  • Facilitated $5,798,280 new private sector investments
  • Supported 1 firm to attain international export certification standards

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East African Community leaders waive permit fees for citizens

Published on March 13, 2015
Presidents of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda have agreed to waive working permit fees for citizens within the regional bloc. “Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda professionals can now work within the member states freely. However, one should be a professional. If you are a riffraff, cleaner, sweeper, office messenger or serving tea, we don’t want you in Uganda. This waiver only applies to professionals,”Okello Oryem, the state minister for foreign affairs said. Read more. Source | New vision
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Uganda: Malaba gets one-stop border post

Published on March 02, 2015
The clearance of cargo along the Uganda-Kenya Malaba border post is expected to be faster, relieving that point of the traffic congestion that had become a headache, after the opening of the one-stop-border post. Read more. Source | All Africa
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Uganda scraps work permits and visa fees for Kenyans and Rwandans

Published on February 23, 2015
Uganda has scrapped work permit fees and visa requirements for Kenyans and Rwandans entering and leaving the country.The decision is in line with the ongoing implementation of the “free movement” system under the East African Community Common Market Protocol that was signed in 2009 by presidents Museveni (Uganda), Mwai Kibaki (Kenya), Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzania), Paul Kagame (Rwanda) and Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi. Read more. Source|The Citizen
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Uganda to gain access into 25 world markets

Published on February 19, 2015
Ugandan service providers will soon be able to render professional services to more than 25 World Trade Organisation (WTO) member countries, information from the Trade ministry indicates so.This development was agreed upon in a high level meeting of the WTO Services Council on February 5, held in Geneva, Switzerland.The meeting was convened to discuss measures which would support the growth of service trade in Least Developed countries (LDCs) through granting services exports with preferential treatment. Read more. Source|Daily Monitor
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EAC leaders to discuss bloc's sustainable financing mechanism

Published on February 17, 2015
In a statement, released yesterday,  the Minister for EAC Affairs, Amb Valentine Rugwabiza, said the new financing mechanisms are expected to be presented as per a directive by the Summit in November 2013 that tasked the Council of Ministers to present a report on alternative financing mechanisms, including the option of one per cent of imports from outside EAC. Read more. Source|NewTimes Rwanda.
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Ugandan experts say Mombasa railway to boost inter-states trade

Published on February 17, 2015
Experts in Uganda say that a connected modern railway system in East Africa is important for the region to reduce expensive transport costs and enhance the region’s trade competitiveness.In a recent interview with Xinhua, Elly Twineyo Kamugisha, an economist and author of a book "Why Africa Fails," said if the railway project is completed, it will be a major milestone in promoting regional trade. Read more. Source|
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Call to fully enable Common Market protocol

Published on February 17, 2015
Employers and the trade union fraternity in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania want the Arusha-based East African Community (EAC) to speedily and fully implement the Common Market Protocol.The East African Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) and the East African Employers Association (EAEO) are taking the issue a notch higher by calling for the removal of all barriers in a bid to promote free movement of workers in the region. Read more. Source|DailyNews
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USAID invests $480,000 in coffee campaign in Uganda

Published on February 16, 2015
Efforts to implement the National Coffee Policy have got a boost after The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) earmarked $480,000 towards promoting Uganda’s coffee sector development plans. The policy is expected to rejuvenate the country’s coffee sector. Read more. Source|Daily Monitor.
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