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One-Stop to boost Kenya-Tanzania deals

Published on July 09, 2015
Two border posts in Kenya and Tanzania are to be officially launched in August leading to combined operations of relevant government agencies and faster flow of goods between the two countries. According to Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA), who are the main consultants on the project, Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete and Uhuru Kenyatta the President of Kenya, are expected to visit the refurbished facilities at both Holili  in Tanzania and Taveta in Kenya under the One Stop Border Post (OSBP) system. The project is one of the major steps towards eliminating non-tariff barriers and ease movement of goods and services across borders. Read more. Source | East African Business Week
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New Tanzania Ports Authority building set to improve service provision at Dar Port

Published on June 23, 2015
COMPANIES and institutions serving at the Dar es Salaam Port have been sensitised to think of relocating to a new state-of-the-art Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) building as a way of improving services. The Acting Dar es Salaam Port Manager, Mr Hebel Mhanga, told editors who toured the port recently that apart from being the TPA’s headquarter offices, the new 35-floor building which is about to be completed will house various public and private companies and institutions that serve the port. “This will be a one-stop centre for ports services, we welcome stakeholders to apply for space,” he said. Already, some institutions such as Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA), Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Government Chief Chemist and Weight and Measurements Agency have desks at TPA. The Manager explained that should other companies move to TPA’s new building, it will help a lot in improving port services and therefore make it competitive. “This new building is one of measures taken by the government to improve the Port of Dar es Salaam,” he noted. Read more. Source | Daily News
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Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority licenses first Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Published on June 12, 2015
The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has issued a license to the nation’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to embrace new innovations and developments in the Information, Communication and Telecommunication (ICT) sector to serve the rural areas. TCRA has issued the license to a new company called Mkulima African Telecommunication Company (MTC) Limited which is the first MVNO in Tanzania and will trade under the brand name African Mobile Operators Telecom (AMOTEL). Tanzania’s current mobile operators include Airtel, Benson Informatics, Sasatel, Tigo, Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd (TTCL), Vodacom Tanzania and ZanTel. Read more. Source:
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Staple Foods Value Chain Analysis - Country Report - Tanzania

Published on June 01, 2015
Staple Foods Value Chain Analysis - Country Report - Tanzania. The USAID Competitiveness and Trade Expansion (USAID/COMPETE) program, in collaboration with EAC and EAGC has selected Staple Foods, among other sectors, for Value Chain Analysis (VCA) with the objective of enhancing economic growth and food security in East and Central Africa.
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Regional Focus on Tanzania – USAID East Africa Trade Hub Activities

Published on June 01, 2015
Regional Focus on Tanzania – USAID East Africa Trade Hub Activities. The USAID East Africa Trade Hub (EATH) worked with regional public and private sector partners to develop systems and policies that improve competitive regional and international trade and food security in East Africa.Tanzania benefited both through direct programs and through our regional initiatives across the East African Community (EAC).
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Tanzania Ports Authorityseals deal to fast track cargo clearance in sea ports

Published on May 29, 2015
Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) has signed a contract with Belgium-based Phaeros group to install a single window electronic system in Tanzania’s ports in order to fast track cargo clearance. Speaking during the signing ceremony in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) director, Mr Phares Magesa, said under the agreement TPA will provide euro 5 million (Sh11.1 billion) for the implementation of the project at a pilot stage. Read more. Source | Citizen
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Towards an East African Common Market: Why trade policy matters

Published on May 28, 2015
One of the key pieces of the East African Community's integration agenda is the establishment of a common market. Through The Protocol on the Establishment of the East African Community (EAC) Common Market ratified on July 1, 2010, the EAC Partner States - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi - seek to boost trade and investment in the region by ensuring free movement of goods, labor, services and capital.
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Tanzania aims for big results with Dar es Salaam port expansion

Published on May 26, 2015
The Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam was once the most efficient in sub-Saharan Africa. The performance of the port, which is the second-largest in east Africa, has slipped dramatically over the past 20 years. Ships are often forced to wait to dock and the transit of goods through the port is slow. The World Bank estimates that trade costs are 60 per cent higher between Tanzania and China than between Brazil and China, despite the distance between the Latin American country and the world’s second-biggest economy being almost double. The port is also unable to accommodate larger vessels, which is becoming increasingly problematic. “Container ships have become bigger. For economies of scale, shipping companies prefer three large ships docking than 10 smaller ones,” says Smak Kaombwe, an adviser for TradeMark East Africa. Read more. Source | The National
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