March 2017 edition

newsletter_March_2017.JPGIn this issue:
  • maizeA Trade Solution to the Food Security Challenge: Surplus Grains Worth $83 Million Now Available to Countries in Need
  • Uganda Cabinet Endorses Investment Code Bill of 2017 - Further removing constraints to market access for investment 
  • Hub Expands Investment Ties in Tanzania
  • Burundi Takes a Step Toward Ratification of the EAC SPS Protocol
  • Forty-Six Contestants Remain in Hub-Supported Postharvest Technology Competition 
  • Hub Signs Grant with AGMARK to Support Cross-Border Trade in Staple Foods

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February 2017 edition

newsletter_February_2017.JPGIn this issue:
  • Hub and American Apparel & Footwear Association Unite for American Competitiveness and East African Growth
  • East African Businesses Form Promising Business Linkages at MAGIC 
  • The Hub Closes Agribusiness Transaction
  • Rwanda's Private Sector Prepares for Bilateral Negotiations with Kenya to Remove Trade and Investment Barriers
  • All-Star Baristas Dazzle AFCA Participants and Inspire Industry Growth
  • Hub Supports Business and Investor Linkages at Africa Finance & Investment Forum
  • East African Home Decor and Fashion Accessories Meet with Potential Buyers at Ambiente
  • Hub Signs Grant with EAGC for Improved Grain Trade
  • Hub Prepares Tanzania Businesses for Export through AGOA
  • Uganda Holds Validation Workshop for Hub-Supported AGOA Strategy and Action Plan


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January 2017 edition

  • Hub and IREN Announce Competition to Tackle Post-Harvest Losses in East Africa
  • Are you ready for MAGIC?
  • Hub Transaction Team Closes $10 Million Deal
  • Call for Applications: Support for Export-Oriented Businesses in East Africa
  • Strengthening of Phytosanitary Inspection Operations in East Africa
  • Key Outcome from Tanzania Seed Workshop
  • EAC Common Market Implementation Update - Tanzania
  • Hub Supports Publication of Rules of Origin Booklet
  • Learn More AGOA and How the Hub Can Help You Access the U.S. Market



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December 2016 edition

December_2016_edition.jpgIn this issue:

  • Discover Kenya's Specialty Coffees
  • Alive and Kicking: Growing SMEs Through Access to Quality Resources
  • Rwanda and Uganda Assess Progress on EAC Common Market Protocol Implementation 
  • Kenyan SMEs Prepare for Success at MAGIC Trade Show
  • Looking for Investment? Watch These Videos for Tips from Angel Investors
  • Assisting Tanzania to Harmonize its Seed Standards for Improved Trade in Staples
  • Addressing Post-Harvest Losses in East Africa
  • The Hub and Open Capital Advisors to Collaborate in Support of Export-Oriented SMEs

November 2016 edition

  • Kenya Repeals Mandatory Local Shareholding Requirement, Improving the Ease of Investing in East Africa
  • Angel Fair Africa: Connecting Angel Investors to High-Potential Entrepreneurs in East Africa
  • Video: Accelerating Investments to East Africa
  • Enhancing the Export Readiness of Malagasy Specialty Foods Firms
  • Hub Holds AGOA Preparedness Workshop in Mbarara, Uganda
  • Madagascar Hosts Premiere Cotton, Textiles and Apparel Trade Show in Africa - Origin Africa 2016
  • Toward a Food Secure East African Commuinty: the 2016 - 2020 EAC Food Security Action Plan
  • Connecting U.S. Buyers to East Africa's Fine Coffees

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October 2016 edition

newsletter_october2.PNGIn this issue:

  • The East Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Summit
  • Hub Policy Team Appraises Kenyan Legislators on Common Market Implementation
  • The Hub Supports Malagasy Businesses Access Investment
  • Texworld is Coming to East Africa in 2017
  • What to Know How to Attract and Keep U.S. Buyers?
  • Hub Supports EAC Technical Meeting for Estimation of Grain Production
  • Save the Date: Angel Fair Africa 2016
  • Video: AGOA Opportunities




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September 2016 edition

september_newsletter.pngIn this issue:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa's Largest Apparel Producer is Ready for More Orders
  • Reviewing Kenya's Progress in the Implementation of the East African Community Common Market Protocol
  • Advancing Food Security in Africa
  • East African Home Decor and Fashion Accessory Producers Connect to Regional and International Buyers at New Source East Africa Trade Fair
  • The Hub Expands Investment Ties in Mauritius and Madagascar
  • Eastern African Designers Participate in New York Fashion Week Trade Show Events
  • The Hub Supports EAC Partner States to Develop SPS Work Plans
  • AGOA Forum 2016

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August 2016 edition

In this issue:August_enewsletter.JPG

  • Spotlight on Madagascar: Regaining its Footing with AGOA
  • AGOA in Ethiopia - Growing Businesses, Transforming Lives
  • Kenya: Building on Past Success and Expanding Opportunities
  • Sseko Designs:An AGOA Success Story from Uganda 
  • Step-by-Step Guide: How to Export, Duty-Free from Uganda to the U.S. under AGOA
  • AGOA in Rwanda: Planning for Action
  • Resources for AGOA Exporters in Eastern Africa

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July 2016 edition

  • Round-up: The Hub Promotes Investment at UNCTAD 14 World Investment Forum
  • Investing in East Africa's Creative Economies
  • AmCham Madagascar Launches AGOA Resource Center
  • Ugandan Company Southern Range Meets Potential Buyers at Texworld Trade Show
  • The Hub Presents Rwanda AGOA Action Plan
  • Using Technology to Link Farmers to Markets
  • Building the Capacity of Seed Authorities in the COMESA Region 
  • Upcoming Events

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June 2016 edition

June_Newsletter.PNGIn this issue:

  • Photo story: Velocity - the Ethiopian Textile and Apparel Industry is on the Move
  • Creating Social Impact Through Investment Facilitation
  • Sseko Designs Uganda: An AGOA Success Story
  • Hub Hosts Legislatures for EAC SPS Protocol Awareness Forum
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Mission to Eastern Africa
  • Can ICTs Enhance Access to Market Information for Women in Cross-Border Trade?
  • Africa Rising as a Destination for Textiles and Apparel with the Help of AGOA
  • Enhancing Zanzibar's Regional Trade Competitiveness through Trade Policy  
  • Upcoming Events