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General Resources

AGOA 101 Uganda – An Entrepreneur's Guide on How to Export Duty-Free from Uganda to the U.S

Published on April 19, 2017

Agoa-Uganda-101-cover.jpgAGOA 101 Uganda
 is an export guide published by the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (the Hub). The guide seeks to ease the challenges faced by Ugandan entrepreneurs by highlighting the step-by-step process businesses should take to export from Uganda to the U.S duty-free under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

It covers the export process for Hub-focused sectors under AGOA including: Fashion Accessories and Home Décor, Textile and Apparel, Footwear, and Specialty Foods and products.

The guide will assist Ugandan businesses to take advantage of AGOA, thereby increasing export levels, and give U.S buyers a wider range of products from the region.

EAC Common Market Protocol Update- Tanzania

Published on April 13, 2017

cmp_TZ.JPGThe East African Community (EAC) Common Market Update is a publication by the East Africa Trade and Investment Hub and the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation. 

The report highlights key areas of policy reform that Tanzania is exploring towards easier movement of goods, services and capital in the East African region. These reforms will spur inter-regional trade, which will in-turn lead to regional integration of the five EAC Partner States.

This publication is a useful resource in tracking Tanzania's progress in implementing the EAC Common Market Protocol.

A Collective Action Agenda for Women’s Economic Empowerment- March 2017 Report

Published on April 06, 2017

CSIS_Report.JPGA Collective Action Agenda for Women’s Economic Empowerment- March 2017 Report is a publication of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). It highlights the factors to be considered in building ecosystems to empower women entrepreneurs and women in factories.

The report identifies that through collective action—an approach that relies on sharing data and best practices among practitioners—corporations can learn from one another and build an ecosystem that enables and empowers women.

This publication is a useful resource in working towards creating an environment that supports women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs. 

Global Financial Development Report 2015/2016

Published on March 08, 2017

Capture.PNGGlobal Financial Development Report 2015/2016 is a publication of the World Bank. It focuses on long-term finance, equity or debt financing with maturity exceeding one year, and establishes its importance for economic development.

The report provides a unique contribution to financial sector policy debates, building on novel data, surveys, research, and wide-ranging country experience, with emphasis on emerging markets and developing economies.

Its findings and policy recommendations are relevant for policy makers, and members of the finance and development in general.

Global Economic Prospects 2017

Published on February 02, 2017

Global Economic Prospects 2017Global_Economic_Prospects.PNG is a publication of the World Bank Group. It examines global economic developments and prospects, with a special focus on emerging market and developing countries, on a semiannual basis (in January and June).

The January edition includes in-depth analyses of topical policy challenges faced by these economies, while the June edition contains shorter analytical pieces.


East Africa Regional Development Cooperation Strategy 2016 – 2021

Published on January 20, 2017

EARDC_Strategy.PNGRegional Development and Cooperation Strategy (RDCS) is a publication of USAID/Kenya and East Africa (USAID/KEA).It highlights how USAID/KEA employs lessons from the past while setting a new standard of cooperation.

It also supports African leadership and aspirations by aligning with key African and global development agendas such as the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the global “Agenda 2030, and the strategies of each of the partner regional institutions.

The RDCS is grounded by a long-term vision of an integrated, prosperous and resilient East Africa.

World Trade Statistical Review 2016

Published on January 05, 2017

Capture2.PNGWorld Trade Statistical Review 2016 is a publication of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Its aim is to show the latest trends in world trade, and to improve understanding of global trade patterns.

The publication combines detailed statistics with an analytical review of trade data to enhance understanding of the latest developments in global trade.

It allows for quick highlights and analysis of latest trends which is of obvious benefit to policy makers, trade analysts and all those involved in world trade.

Global Enabling Trade Report 2016

Published on December 05, 2016

Capture1.PNGThe Global Enabling Trade Report 2016 is a joint publication of the World Economic Forum and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. It features the enabling trade index, which evaluates 136 economies based on their capacity to facilitate the flow of goods over borders and to their destination.

It goes beyond metrics related to border-crossing efficiency, and provides insight into other essential related components such as transportation, communications and IT infrastructure.

The report serves as a framework for meaningful public-private dialogue to ensure that governments, and the private sector work hand-in-hand to deliver trade facilitation reforms. 

Africa Agriculture Status Report 2016

Published on November 17, 2016

Capture1.PNGAfrica Agriculture Status Report 2016 is a report of the Alliance for a Green Rev­olution in Africa (AGRA) and its partners. It highlights major trends in African agri­culture, the drivers of those trends, and the emerging challenges that Africa’s food systems are facing in the 21st century.

The report also identifies policies and programs that can support the movement of Africa’s farming systems from subsistence-oriented, towards more commercialized farming systems that can contribute to economic growth.

Additionally, the report identifies areas that enable better targeting of investment resources, as well as the necessary conditions that can propel African agricultural transformation.

It further explores how agricultural transformation can contribute to solving the reality of rural poverty, low productivity, food insecurity, malnutrition, unemployment, and lower income among the population in countries in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Doing Business 2017 - Equal Opportunity for All

Published on October 27, 2016

Capture.PNGDoing Business 2017: Equal Opportunity for All is a publication of the World Bank. It investigates the regulations that enhance business activities and those that constrain it. Specifically, the report measures aspects of regulations that enable or prevent private sector businesses from starting, operating and expanding.

The report also highlights the large disparities between high- and low-income economies, and the barriers that women face while starting a business or getting a job compared to men. It also discusses the role that may be played by business regulatory reforms in the global goal to reduce income inequality.

It is useful resource in analyzing economic outcome, and identifying what reforms in business regulations have worked, where and why.