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The USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub boosts trade and investment with -- and within -- East Africa. Find out more...

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  • New on our Knowledge Center: The USAID Agriculture Business Enabling Environment (AgBEE) Snapshot Tool

    Published on May 17, 2018

    AgBEE_Snapshot.JPGThe USAID Agriculture Business Enabling Environment (AgBEE) Snapshot is an analytical tool by the Enabling Environment for Food Security project. It identifies critical gaps in existing research and offers quick, low-cost data collection and analysis at the country level, including five crucial steps in the lifecycle of successful agribusiness operations. They are: accessing inputs, accessing finance, operating a business, linking to markets and competing fairly. 

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    USAID improves food security through enabling environment reform tools

    Published on May 17, 2018


    The U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future, works to give families and communities in some of the world’s poorest countries the freedom and opportunity to lift themselves out of food insecurity and malnutrition. By equipping people with the knowledge and tools to feed themselves, nine million more people now live above the poverty line and farmers have generated $2.6 billion in new agricultural sales. To build on this momentum, the Enabling Environment for Food Security project has created “enabling environment reform tools” to support more robust market system approaches for improved food security outcomes.

    The Enabling Environment Reform Tools contains four tools:

    1. The USAID Agriculture Business Enabling Environment (AgBEE) Snapshot tool offers quick, low-cost data collection and analysis at the country level and outlines five crucial steps in the lifecycle of successful agribusiness operations: i) accessing inputs, ii) accessing finance, iii) operating a business, iv) linking to markets and v) competing fairly.
    2. The Commercial, Legal and Institutional Reform (AGCLIR) tool offers a systems-based approach to identify the root causes of agricultural market system failures.
    3. The Value Chain Commercial Legal and Institutional Reform (VcCLIR) tool enables narrowly tailored analysis to identify priority constraints affecting the value chain and offers a rational process for developing a reform agenda driven by stakeholder priorities that can lead to inclusive market systems growth.
    4. The Seed Commercial, Legal and Institutional Reform (SeedCLIR) tool measures progress in seed system development in a single country over time to benchmark an enabling environment for seed between countries within or across geographic regions. This tool maps the performance and maturity of the agricultural business enabling environment (AgBEE) along one of five stages of seed sector development, giving Missions and policymakers an analysis to guide a reform agenda and measure the progress of those reform efforts over time.

    The USAID Hub supports the Feed the Future initiative by implementing regional initiatives that improve market information, increase access to technology and innovation, and reduce non-tariff barriers that can hinder trade across borders.




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    Investors refine their African strategy at Trade with Africa Business Summit

    Published on May 16, 2018

    Africa is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. But for U.S. investors, where do you start? The recent Trade with Africa Business Summit 2018 in Bentonville, Arkansas, helped investors answer that question by identifying opportunities on the continent and providing specifics by country, region and sector.

    Big name former CEOs like Donnie Smith of Tyson Foods presented and a host of technical advisors, including from the USAID Hub, provided their trade and investment insights from working in Africa. Investors departed with a clearer strategy for market entry with low commercial risks and the possibility for high return.

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    Rwandan agribusiness secures capital for growth – farmers and consumers gain

    Published on May 15, 2018

    Yak Fair Trade is one of six companies that GroFin has invested in since partnering with the USAID Hub six months ago. The six investments, totaling $3.3million, brings the Hub’s overall supported investment closure to $103.4 million. The USAID-supported GroFin program is helping East African agribusinesses get the support they need to secure financing, expand their businesses and ultimately serve as models for demonstrating that investing in agriculture is worthwhile and transformative for individuals and economies.

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