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  • All-Star Baristas Dazzle AFCA Participants and Inspire Industry Growth

    Published on February 16, 2017

    Lem_showing_small.jpegTwelve twenty-something aspiring Ethiopian baristas crowd around a small coffee station toward the back of the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) Conference exhibition hall. A tall American man with dreadlocks is confidently grinding and pressing coffee beans to pull the perfect espresso shot. A Kenyan coffee seller gushes that he is her favorite “all-star” barista. She has seen him perform at another world coffee event.

    The all-star baristas are expert coffee-drink makers from the U.S. who have won accolades for their craft. In the specialty coffee industry, they are celebrities. The Hub supported three all-star baristas to make the journey to the AFCA Conference in Ethiopia. The goal: train, inspire, and build the connections between coffee buyers and sellers that drive industry growth.

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    Rwanda’s Private Sector Prepares for Bilateral Negotiations with Kenya to Remove Trade and Investment Barriers

    Published on February 15, 2017

    The Hub is partnering with Private Sector Federation Rwanda (RPSF) to accelerate implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol. With support from the Hub, RPSF convened the country’s National Technical Committees on February 15 in Kigali, Rwanda for a peer-to-peer dialogue in preparation for the upcoming Kenya-Rwanda private sector-led negotiations; the objective was to jointly advance a more favorable policy environment for trade and investment between Kenya and Rwanda. The dialogue focused on reviewing key trade and investment obstacles between the two countries and proposed a series of reform measures that each country’s private sector has prioritized for removal in the other partner state. These consultations were in collaboration with their Kenyan counterparts from the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA).


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    Former UN Secretary General Encourages Youth Participation in Economic Growth at AFIF 2017

    Published on February 15, 2017


    On February 15, the Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivered a keynote speech at the Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) 2017 where he encouraged the youth to be active members in contributing to economic growth in the African continent.

    “Think of the young entrepreneurs who are leading the world, think of what to do instead of complaining. Young people it’s your time to lead. Women and youth are the game changers. We can harness the power of young people by giving them the opportunities,” Mr. Ban Ki-moon added.

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    New on our Knowledge Center: The Role of Financial Services in Society - Understanding the Impact of Technology-Enabled Innovation on Financial Stability

    Published on February 14, 2017

    Capture.PNGThe Role of Financial Services in Society: Understanding the Impact of Technology-Enabled Innovation on Financial Stability is a publication of the World Economic Forum.

    It articulates key findings from a series of interviews and roundtables held with leaders from established and emerging providers of financial services, experts, and policymakers focused on technological transformation taking place in financial services.

    The publication also summarizes key opportunities and challenges created by technology-enabled innovation, and proposes recommendations aimed at safeguarding financial stability and fostering innovation for the public and private sectors to consider.

    It is a useful resource for a range of senior stakeholders from across the financial sector, including traditional financial institutions, financial policy-makers, academics, and civil society, as well as non-traditional actors such as technology companies and start-ups.

    Visit the Knowledge Center for this report and more.

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